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How to Register and Bigbon Referral Code (updated) 2021 – With the increasingly sophisticated technology, cryptocurrencies were born. Currently, the currency has entered the community element and is traded freely through online platforms. One cryptocurrency service provider that you can choose is Bingbon.Now, JdMop will tell you how to create Bigbon account and Bigbon Referral Code for you.

Bingbon was founded in 2018, and currently serves 37 countries around the world. Moreover, the purpose of Bingbon is to make available Crypto derivatives markets. In addition, they also aim for all users from all walks of life to invest simply and transparently.

Bingbon features

Do you want to know what features Bingbon has? The following is a list and an explanation :

1. Transparent market: Bingbon cryptocurrency market is transparent, without manipulation. In addition, Bingbon has also been integrated with the top ranks exchanges.

2. Simulation: Bingbon also provides a simulated trading system to facilitate beginners in the trade. This system can also be used by professionals to get more experience.

3. Low fees: Bingbon is a cryptocurrency trading platform with a fairly small fee. Almost all aspects have a fee of less than 1%, except for withdrawals where the fees are fixed.

4 Copy of Trading: Bingbon is interesting because their copy trading function. This feature allows you to select and copy trades from more experienced traders, and then you earn with just one click.

5. The flexible trading modes: Bingbon provides several tools for the trade, such as Market Order, Order Trigger, Take Profit and Stop Loss. This feature allows you to switch between Cross Margin mode and Isolated Margin mode. You determine all that according to the trading experience you have.

BigBon Referral Code (Updated)

For you, who want to register or create bigbon account, here is BigBon referral code for you :

" 99HBGK "

You can use code above when register at Bigbon ap, so you can get bonus commision. Enjoy!

How to Create a Bingbon account

For those of you who are interested in using Bingbon, here we explain how to create a Bingbon account.

1. Go to the Play Store and install Bingbon

2. When finished, please just open it.

3. Click the icon labeled existing accounts in the bottom right corner

4. Click the area around the “Welcome”. There you can log in and register. In this case, please register first.

5. For the registration process, you can use one of the phone numbers or email. Please select only one of them. (Enter phone number without digit 0)

6. After that, you are required to enter a verification code, password

7. Enter jdmop referral code (use Bigbon Referral code 99HBGK).

8. Fill verification code sent to you by phone, or SMS.

9. After that, please just check terms and condition, and click “Finish”.

Well now you’ve managed to register Bingbon, and the account has been successfully created. My advice doesn’t start trading, you should try the simulation first. This is so that you can better adapt to the features and use of Bingbon. After that, you just start trading with real money.

On Bingbon, there are many cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, ETH, DOGE, and many more. Apart from that, Bingbon also provides contract trading. Some of the contract trading options provided are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Chainlink (LINK), and Polkadot (DOT). Now that’s how to create a Bingbon account, its features, as well as some other information that might be useful.

Thats all about how to create BigBon account, and Bigbon referral Code, hope you can enjoy it !