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How to Register and Binance Referral Code (updated) 2021 – Do you Intrested to start trading crypto? Maybe you’re expert, and want to take your “trading” to next level? Then you have to use Binance exchange platform, Binance already popular in the whole world. The reason for its popularity beacuse they have the most amazing and advanced tools in crypto trading. Binance can provides you with a wide variety of crypto coins on their platform for you to trade. Plus, you will get a lot of benefits of using Binance exchange, as it provides amazing discounts or Cashback. So today in this article, we will inform you about new and updatedBinance Referral Code so that you can enjoy amazing discounts or Cashback on this exchange.

Binance Referral Code

If you want to register and use Binance to trade, you should use Referral Code when you register to this platform. Ask me why? Because Binance referral code will give you cashback and discount for your “trade activities” in Binance. You can get up to 50% cashback for every your trading fees there. Intrested? Check bellow for new and updated Binance referral code you can use :

” I2PU4Q41 “

You can get discount or Cashback if you register using referral code above. Please enjoy!

Binance Cashback/Discount Benefits

For every trade you do, Binance will charge you for platform fee. With our refferral code, you can get cashback up to 50%. Well, for example : Say you’re a hourly trader who trade almost $10,000 everyday, and if binance market fee is 1% of your trading value, then you pay $100 to trade. What if you trade daily for 10 days? Then get $1000 paid as fee. With cashback, maybe a little such 10% cashback, you will get $100 back from your $1000 trading fee. $100 for ten days, so $1000 for 100 days, intresting right?

How to Register on the Binance Exchange?

Here is the step to create account on the Binance Exchange. The registration process is quite easy, let us know about it :

1. First of all, Visit official website or download app.

2. Now users need to fill in the details that are asked on the page.

3. After filling all the details, just tap on the Create a New Account option.

4. Now you will get a confirmation message on Email.

5. Enter Binance referral code : I2PU4Q41

6. Just tap on the link to email confirm and start trading without any worries.

that's all article about How to Register and Binance Referral code, hope you enjoy it !