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How To Register and Maxim Promo Code (Updated) 2021 – If you are using maxim for your transportation, sending package, food, and other things daily, then you already feel how maxim made your life easier by every order you do with maxim. Now, if you’re new user and want to use maxim to make your life easier, i don’t know if you want to use maxim bike, maxim car, or other maxim service. But, will give you maxim promo code for new user. Read Bellow.

Maxim Promo Code

For new user, you can use maxim promo code to get discount or maybe free balance in maxim apps. Here, take this promo code :

” DRV65543438 “

Code above, only available in some county, but maybe you can try it. In case your country is eligble for maxim new user promo code above.

How to Register and Use Maxim Promo Code

To use Maxim Promo code for new user, you need to download and install maxim Apps in Google Play Store or Apps Store. Here is the step to use Maxim Promo Code for new User :

1. Install Maxim Costumer Apps from Play Store or App Store

2. Choose Login/Register

3. Fill your phone number, and register

4. After you’re registered, ang logged in to your account. Go to Profile and chose Promo Code

5. Fill JdMop Promo Code : DRV65543438

6. Enjoy your bonus 😉

All Done !

Where to Use Maxim Promo Code Bonus?

As maxim user, you can use your bonus discount or balance at every maxim services you need. Maybe Maxim bike? Maxim Car? or other maxim services. This Code can only be redeemed once for every new user, if you want to use this maxim new user promo code again, just register new account on maxim 😉

That’s all about Maxim Promo code from, hope you enjoy it !