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How To Register and Probit Global Referral Code (Updated) 2021 – ProBit Global is an application for managing cryptocurrencies, such as saving, exchanging, and buying and selling crypto assets. Now, we will explain how to create a ProBit Global account and Probit GLobal Referral Code (Updated)

This application has a fairly large number of monthly users. They claim that ProBit Global’s monthly active users reach 1 million users. In addition, ProBit said that their platform has more than 500 coins, more than 900 markets, and is in the top 20 Native Traffic. In addition, ProBit also ranks in the Top 25 Spot Exchanges Cryptocurrency version.

In the Play Store, the application is called ProBit Global: Buy & Sell Bitcoin. Crypto Exchange. In addition, ProBit has now been downloaded more than 500 thousand times, since its release in 2019. Unfortunately, the rating of this application is quite small, which is 3.7/5 out of more than 4 thousand reviews.

ProBit Global Advantages

If you are curious about what the advantages are in this application, here we present a list along with a little explanation as reported by :

1. Crypto exchange: Probit offers exchange with hundreds of cryptos to choose from, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETC), Tether (USDT), and many more.
2. Low trading fees: if you trade using PROB, the costs are low. Otherwise, you will be charged a higher fee.
3. KYC is not pushy. In ProBit, you are free to choose whether or not to reveal your identity. That’s why KYC on ProBit is optional.
4. Now that you know some of the advantages of ProBit, are you now interested in using it? If yes, then please continue reading how to create a ProBit account

Probit Global Referral Code

Now, before you create and register accout at Probit, you should know JdMop have referral code for you to use when register or creating accout at Probit. Here is updated Probit Referral code from :

" 42817803 "

you can use code above when you register via apps, to claim your deposit bonus. Enjoy!

How to create a ProBit Global account

If you are interested in using this application, here we provide a tutorial on how to register for ProBit Global :

1. Go to Play Store and install ProBit Global
2. When finished, please just open the application
3. After arriving at the home page of the application, please click “Please Login” which is located at the top left, precisely under the word “ProBit Global”.
4. To register, please click “Register”.
5. After that, please tick “I agree to all the following terms”. After that, click “Confirm”.
6. Enter your email address, password, and confirm the password. In addition, please fill in jdmop referral code 42817803. Then, click “NEXT”.
7. After that, enter the verification code sent to the email address that was used to register.
8. The registration process is complete. Now, you stay just sign in using the email address and password.

In terms of features, Global probit is indeed no less than similar applications like Bingbon and PointPay Bank. But unfortunately, when viewed from the interface, this application is under both applications.

Reporting from, ProBit Global has a daily volume of 3475 BTC. also reports the same thing, where they say the daily volume is over $110 million, which is almost the same as 3475 BTC. In addition, the drawback of this application is that it only supports 1 fiat currency, namely the South Korean Won. Because these applications came from there.

Hope you enjoy article about How to create Probit Global account and Probit Referral Code (Updated). Enjoy !