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How To Register and ZebPay Referral Code (Updated) 2021 - many of you thinking, how can you earn digital currency without worry, or risk free. Now, we have solution for that problem. For you crypto mania, with hope that you can earn digital asset without risk, ZebPay is a greatest solution for you. In this article, we will talk about How to register and ZebPay Referral code for you, we always update this article.

What is ZebPay

Zebpay is app or platform, which you can use to earn digital currency without risk, why? in ZebPay you can use your digital aset to earn money for you. Same as every other crypto platform, ZebPay offer you a easy way to buy and sell crypto, but as you dont want a "risk" for your assets or investment, you can chose lending option instead.

ZebPay Referral Code (UPDATED)

ZebPay offer referral program, with this program, newly registered user can get reward when they register using this code bellow. Here is new and updated ZebPay referral code for you :

" RFRMAHD4488 "

Use code above to get exciting reward when you register in ZebPay

How To Register ZebPay

Now, we will talk about how to register at Zebpay. It's so easy, you can learn how to register zebpay with this step bellow :

1. Download ZebPay

2. Tap Register

3. Fill in your phone number, name, etc

4. Use referral/promo code RFRMAHD4488

5. Input OTP sent to your phone number and email

6. Congratulation, you've registered at ZebPay

easy right?

next step for you si doing KYC or Know Your Costumer step. you need your ID for this step.

here is how to do KYC for ZebPay :

1. prepare your id

2. login to zebpy

3. open your account, and tap on verification

4. select your nationality etc...

5. address proff (electicy bill is good tho)

6. complete each step, and wait for verification.

that's all article about how to register and ZebPay referral code (updated). Hope you enjoy it.