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How To Register dan CryptoHero Referral Code (Updated) 2021 - For you who make a living from trading, i think you already know about Trading Bot, but now in this era, Trading bot already became a trading alternative for traders for many reason, like no time for trade, because they too lazy to think and analyze, or anything else. Now, we will show you how to register at one of those bots in our article about How to Register and CryptoHero Referral Code.

CryptoHero Referral Code

CryptoHero have referral program, which give you newbs (to trading bot) who want to register and using their programs, a $5 Bonus. Here is CryptoHero Referral Code for you :

" T8TD19 "

Use that code when you register at CryptoHero to get your $5 bonus.

How To Register at CryptoHero

To Register at CryptoHero, you can follow this steps bellow :

1. Download and open CryptoHero apps

2. Tap Register

3. input your mail, name, and password

4. use T8TD19 to claim your $5 for free

5. input OTP sent to your mail

6. Done

Easy Right?

After that, you can connect CryptoHero to one of your prefered exchange, like binance, bitfinex or anything as long as that exchange is available in CryptoHero.

How To Connect Exchange to CryptoHero

Here is step on how to connect exchange to CryptoHero :

1. Login to your CryptoHero

2. on setting tab, go to connect exchange

3. choose your exchange platform

4. connect your api

5. done, now you can create a new bot to make you some profits.

thats all about how to register and cryptohero referral code for you. enjoy !