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How To Register and Trade W Referral Code (Updated) 2021 - Many of you read this article because you already know how to do trading, learn to, or maybe even ignorant to trading. But, as you know, Trade W is one of many apps out there that give you easy way to trade from your mobile phone. Now, we will guide you step by step on how to register and trade w referral code updated just for you.

Trade W Referral Code

TradeW have reference program, that will gave you bonus when you register using this referral code bellow, here is our New and updated Trade W referral code :

" 2916159 "

Use code above when you register at TradeW to get bonus $15 when you trading with Trade W.

How To Register at Trade W

Now, our main points. Follow steps bellow to register at Trade W :

1. Download and open Trade W

2. tap register and chose your prefered way of register, like google, facebook, or mail, idk you choose.

3. input your mail, password, and choose your country.

4. use our referral code 2916159 to get free $15 bonus.

5. top up your account to claim your bonus

6. done. Now you ready to rock.

After you logged in, make sure to read terms of service first, and finish your KYC completely. Because you can't withdraw if you haven't finished your KYC yet. To get your account verified by KYC is simple, prepare your id, bla bla bla, and everything is same like every other financial service out there. Goodluck.

Thanks for reading our article about how to register and Trade W referral code, enjoy !