XianghaiBaoyue Building
2021.1.18 4209

Project overview

XianghaiBaoyue Building is located in the south of Foping New Road, Guicheng Street, Nanhai District, Foshan City, with a construction area of about 10,500 square meters and a construction area of about 41,600 square meters. The project is adjacent to Foping Road in the north, the first light rail in Foshan (under construction), Juyuan South Road in the east, which is located in the border area of Guangzhou-Foshan, and the geographical center of Qiandeng Lake CBD, Sanshan New City, the old city in the west of Guangzhou, and the new city in the north of Shunde.

The project is easily connected to Guangzhou-Foshan Jiang-Zhu Expressway, close to many traffic arteries such as Guangzhou Ring Expressway, and the highway network can be extended in all directions.

The project aims to create a multi-functional life business district integrating leisure and entertainment, so that every owner can enjoy a comfortable and convenient life in the city.


Commercial facilities: Nanhai Wanda Plaza, Foshan Poly Water City, Yingyue Lake Huanyu City, major banks

Medical facilities: Nanhai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanhai Hospital of Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, Nanhai Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Education facilities: Nanhai Central Primary School, Nanhai Experimental Middle School, Yingyue Middle School, Guicheng Middle School, Nanhai No. 1 Middle School

Ecological resources: Qiandeng Lake Park, Yingyue Lake Park

Traffic conditions

The first tram, currently under construction in Foshan, will connect the center of Guicheng and Guangzhou South Railway Station. Meanwhile, the transformation of Nangang Road-Huadi Avenue and Kuiqi Road will greatly shorten the commuting time between Pingzhou and Liwan and Panyu in Guangzhou. On the central axis of the city, multi-dimensional traffic, one hour to Guangzhou, enjoy the Guangzhou-Foshan life circle.

Bus routes: Fo 232 Road (to Fangcun Bus Station), Gui 06 Road (to Guicheng Metro Station), Gui 30 Road (to Cultural Park), to reach Changui and Guangzhou;

High-speed line: Guangzhou-Foshan Jiang-Zhuhai High-speed and Guangzhou Ring-city High-speed connect to the Pearl River Delta city group easily.